Welcome to your home office, away from home.

No. 5 is a shared workspace off Valley Road in Hout Bay. Long- and mid-term desk rental is available to freelancers, one-man-bands, professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, writers… Basically anyone who is marching to the beat of their own drum, and needs a dedicated space, conducive to making magic happen!

Working from home can be tough. Anyone who’s tried it, knows the pitfalls. Getting caught up in stuff like laundry, arguing children and leaking toilets… Only getting out of your pyjamas at 2pm when a client video calls you… Or playing candy crush for 2 hours straight to calm your nerves about your deadline (which is in 3 hours)… The procrastination, boredom and loneliness. The distractions. The eating of all things. It’s not easy. And it’s not always the best place for you to reach your most awesome potential.

No. 5 offers a safe and chilled environment, with reliable wi-fi, 4 friendly and extremely good looking dogs and a bunch of like-minded, productive people. Work in a lightly buzzing, stimulating environment, take a coffee break in the garden, delve into your research in the hammock, or have a dip in the pool when it gets super-hot in the summer months. Mi casa su casa. (But only during office hours.)

HOT DESK OPTION AVAILABLE for travelers and passers-through, who need to catch up on some work while they visit our beautiful bay.


The Wall - 3 x tables, with own wall space, in open plan area.
R1750 per month (TWO LEFT)

The Island - Centre area with 4 workspaces, in open plan area, for HOT DESKERS.
Pre-paid 5 full days @R550 OR 10 full days at R1000.


• Your very own dedicated workspace, with access 8.15am - 5.15pm
• Wi-fi
• Printer/scanner (with small print charge)
• Tea and coffee, sugar, milk
• Kitchen facilities
• Bathroom (with 2-ply toilet paper for your delicate bum)
• Cleaner three times weekly (and dishwasher for plates/cups etc.)
• Swimming pool
• Braai area, should you wish to gooi a chop at lunchtime
• Garden with lovely lawn and spots where you can sit and think about what you’ve done
• Hammock and slackline when the weather’s lekker
• Occasionally, there will be lunch available super cheap, should you want some


If you’d like to come and check out the space, send Nikki (that’s me) an email using the contact form below. And if you prefer whatsapp - 084 207 9909.

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